My name is Myra McKeon and I am a birth & postpartum doula trained & certified through DTI and newborn care specialist. With many years of childcare experience, my love for babies and all things birth steered me to my career in doula work. After a close friend became pregnant, I began researching and following along with her throughout her pregnancy. When I discovered the role of a doula, I was hooked and set out for my certification. My skills and passions expanded to include the use of rebozo techniques, placenta encapsulation, essential oil usage, photography skills and many more. I am constantly looking for ways to expand my knowledge and skill sets for all things pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. I encourage and practice a natural and holistic approach to all life's experiences but know that every person's journey is different and ever changing and I am there to support your choices. My goal is for you to have the empowering, desirable birth you have envisioned. I want women of every age to know they have options and can make informed decisions.  From belly births to natural home births and everything in between, you will receive the highly compassionate support and encouragement you deserve. My passion and knowledge for all things birth, labor and empowerment grows stronger with each and every day. I am based in Concord, NC and am currently servicing areas within a 45 mile radius in hospitals, homes and birth centers.  I look forward to being part of your journey.  


In my free time you can find me fixing up my old house, watering my plants, practicing hot yoga, organizing my junk and hanging with my family and pets. 


I worked very hard at trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I "grew up." After pursuing many hobbies, working in many different fields of work, traveling the world and learning as much as I could about the things that interested me, I can very confidently say, I have found my purpose.