A doula is a care provider who is there to support you and your family through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Doulas provide unconditional support that is unlike a nurse, doctor, or midwife. Doulas are not licensed in medicine and will not perform medical procedures. During pregnancy, your doula is there to answer questions you may have, offer a library of resources, help you navigate your birthing preferences and prepare you for labor. Doulas are great tools for helping facilitate positive communication between the birthing person and the medical care provider. Before labor even begins, your team is prepared! At the time of labor, a doula can provide an array of comfort measures, positive affirmations and communication, and physical/emotional support. Not only does a doula provide birth support for the birthing person, but also for the partner. Doulas can be great tools for making the transition into parenthood. Postpartum doulas provide care to new families by offering support for breastfeeding, sleep, and emotional/physical needs. No matter your situation, options or choices your doula will be on your side supporting you. 



There are many reasons you should consider using a doula for your labor, birth and postpartum periods. Listed below are a few fantastic reasons you should utilize doula support: 

  • Your doula is there to ensure that YOU have the safe and memorable birth experience you desire.
  • Using doula care during labor has shown to reduce the need and frequency of c-sections. 
  • Using a doula has been shown to reduce the need for labor augmentation and Pitocin while increasing the chances of spontaneous vaginal birth.
  • Terrified of needles or want to go medication free? Use of a doula during labor has been shown to reduce usage of pain medication. 
  • Continuous support. When your partner is exhausted after 15+ hours of labor, you doula will still be by your side. 
  • Families that hire doulas have reported an overall increase in birth experience satisfaction.